Wednesday, May 30, 2001

10:00 F. J. Agee, Progress and implications of nuclear spin isomer research

10:40 Y. Sun, Theoretical challenge in understanding the high-K isomers

11:20 A. Zadernovsky, Forced release of energy stored in nuclear isomers by electromagnetic radiation

12:00 On-Site Luncheon (Sandwiches)

12:40 H. E. Roberts, Experimental sources

13:05 V. Ageev, 178m2Hf isomer production in spallation reactions: First results and observations

13:30 C. A. Ur, Optimizing spallation for specific isomer production

13:55 D. Borovina, LANSCE spallation sources and prospects for isomer production

14:20 P. J. McDaniel, Reactor production of Hf-isomers

14:45 Break w/ refreshments

15:00 M. Ganciu, Fast pulsed X-ray sources for isomer triggering studies

15:25 R. Dussart, Tailoring of high-energy flash X-ray sources for nuclear spin-isomer excitation

15:50 F. Davanloo, Prospects for X-rays with 100 ps switching

16:15 - 16:30 Recapitulation

16:30 Adjourn

Thursday, May 31, 2001

10:00 C. N. Zoita, Computer control of time and energy of X-ray irradiation in Texas

10:25 V. Vysotskii, Experimental investigation of controlled g-decay of excited isotopes by delayed g-coincidence

10:50 C. Rusu, Issues and successes in the coincident detection of induced isomer decay of 178Hf

11:15 P. J. McDaniel, Recent triggering experiments at AFRL’s LEXR ( 178Hf )

11:40 V. Kirischuk, Stimulated decay of 176Lu

12:05 Lunch Break

13:30 V. Khomenkov, New results on the search for stimulated g-emission in 123mTe and 125mTe

14:05 V. Vysotskii, Picosecond laser pulses for collective super-heating, isotope excitation, and super-absorption on condensed target surfaces.

14:30 Break w/ refreshments

14:45 J. Becker, Photon irradiation of 178m2Hf at the Argonne APS

15:30 C. B. Collins, The SPring-8 experiment and consequences for induced g-emission

16:15 - 16:30 Recapitulation and discussion

16:30 Adjourn

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